Permission Email campaign drives more acquisitions than anticipated

  •, a popular online classifieds platform, developed an acquisition campaign which offered people a chance to win a Ford Ranger in exchange for joining the Tradingpost online database. They asked us to promote their campaign and generate as many competition entrants as possible.
  • StrategyTargeted email campaigns were sent to appropriate RewardsCentral members.
  • ResultTradingpost's goal was 8,000 new acquisitions. Our email campaigns delivered an estimated 9,000 new acquisitions, exceeding Tradingpost's target by at least 12.5%.

Campaign Summary

520,776 emails sent - 18.92% click through rate - 9,000 acquisitions, 12.5% over target

Client's Comments

The Win a Ford Ranger competition is the most successful campaign that has ever run. Our goal was to achieve 8,000 entries from this medium but we estimate that we received 9,000–a great result!

Kristen Remington, Consumer Marketing Specialist