Want to contact hundreds of thousands of consumers for a fraction of the cost of traditional direct marketing? With PermissionCorp, you can!

With Permission Email you can target large numbers of members of the PermissionCorp network of websites. It's quick and easy, and your campaign will be up and running in days, not weeks.

The PermissionCorp database contains more than 3 million Australians and 550,000 New Zealanders, but we're about more than just big numbers.

  • Permission: all PermissionCorp members are 100% double opt-in consumers who have agreed to receive your email.
  • Precision: segment our database according to age, gender, location, interests, occupation, education and more.
  • Flexibility: run an online poll to segment our database according to your custom specifications.
  • Cost-effectiveness: with targeted emails you won't waste money contacting the wrong consumers.
  • Service: we'll manage your campaign for you, from start to finish.
  • Comprehensive solutions: we can take care of everything for you, even your email creative.

Happy Clients and Successful Campaigns

PermissionCorp drives 200% growth in sales for Vistaprint

Impressive click-through rates achieved by Permission Email campaigns have created approximately 130 new sales per week. Full case study...

The response of the email base is impressive and the multiple advertising opportunities offered by RewardsCentral help to keep in touch with customers without harassing them.

Julien Zambeaux, Marketing Specialist

High conversion rates are set to boost sales for Travel Brochures

AdClicks was part of a complete package delivered by PermissionCorp to grow Travel Brochure's online presence, orders and number of bookings. Full case study...

Our ROI varies from 170% - 330%, which means a return on investment of 2-3 times what we put in!

Adnres Thopmson, Director
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Contact hard to reach consumers

Do Not Key RegisterMore than 2 million Australians have added their details to the Australian Government's Do Not Call register. But our members are double opt-in, meaning they've agreed, twice, to receive your advertising email.

Your message won't get lost in the mail

Our email program is accredited by Return Path's Sender Score Certified program, increasing our email delivery rates to more than 35,000 domains.

Save money with self-service email

If you have your own database you can save time and money with our self-service email platform.