High conversion rates are set to boost sales for Travel Brochures

  • GoalTravel Brochures is a leading online provider of free travel brochures. PermissionCorp devised a long term campaign to generate online bookings and grow Travel Brochures' online presence and brochure orders.
  • StrategyEmail marketing and text-based advertising campaigns were implemented. Split testing was employed to maximise performance.
  • ResultEmail marketing generated 6,081 clicks at a click-through rate of 38%, which is well above the industry average. Text-based ads have also been extremely successful, delivering a total of 511,894 clicks.

Campaign Summary

Email marketing & text-based advertising implemented - Total clicks: 517,975 - Result: ROI: 170%–330%

Client's Comments

Our ROI varies from 170%–330%, which means a return on investment of 2–3 times what we put in!

Andrew Thompson, Director